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  • 7E/7EX/ES-Versa parts list (open)

Specials instructions for USB card cage

  • How to update a 7E floppy disk card cage to a 7E USB card cage (download)
  • How to use the 7E USB installer (download)
  • How to create 7E USB installer using Image File (download)


7Ex and ES-Versa

  • Manual del usuario del Biseladora 7Ex y ES-Versa (descargar)

Procedure Documents



Execute the downloaded program on a PC to create an update USB flash drive or a floppy disk for the 7E/7EX/ES-versa edger. Just copying the downloaded file onto a USB flash drive or floppy disk will NOT work.

Version 1.34

New Features
  • Alternative Installer compatible with Windows 10
Bugs Fixed
  • Increase Serial Number digits from 4 to 7
  • Lens Blank Diameter is not being displayed on the Job Screen
  • Add SN label to the DCS init packet
  • Update the USB installer to copy the Essilor Drill Database to the data folder
  • Shelf button not always visible
  • Wrong GDEPTH and GWIDTH make groove wheel to crash.

Version 1.33

New features
  • Installer compatible with new USB type
  • Installer compatible with new card cage
Bugs fixed
  • Drill usage default to both.

Version 1.32


Version 1.31

New features
  • (see release form)
Bugs fixed
  • (see release form)
  • 7E
  • 7Ex
  • ES Versa

Version 1.31 For 7E/7E HLP and 7Ex/ESVersa