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Parts ordering




4TX / ES-Trace

Technical information

4Ti / 4TX / ES-Versa Software

Version 3.28

Bug fixed
  • G-C communication protocol not working
Download (WARNING - 4T new mother board only!)

Version 2.01

New features
  • Support the cycle burn-in function.
  • Arc-net largely disabled. Most functions immediately return or are commented out.
  • Implementation of servo test function for R. Wesner
  • Frame trace burn-in with statistics is provided and the compile switch governing whether frame bevel calibration is 1-eye or 2-eye is set to 2-eye.
  • Improved algorithm for std deviation during burn-in
Bugs fixed
  • (none)
  • Remove RESET soft-key on servo test screen. (Servo test not generally enabled.)
Download (WARNING - 4Ti product only!!!)

Version 2.00

New features
  • Driver for new Xilinx controller
  • Driver for new memory chips
Bugs fixed
  • (none)
Download (WARNING - 4Ti product only!!!)

4T Software

Version 1.35

New features
  • The DCS parameters FCRV and BEVC are both transmitted with job data (with the same value). Some hosts and edgers tend to use FCRV while other devices use BEVC.
  • The capability to update the code via the serial port is supported. See note #2 in “Other” below.
  • A and B offsets may now be specified for frames, patterns/rimless lenses, and beveled lenses. Total range of available offsets is now A, B, CIRC, and DBL.
  • Default values for the left/right carriage servo gains now match the defaults on the tuning sheet.
Bugs fixed
  • The C3/C2 correction to A and B size was applied to all frames, even those that are not high-wrap.
  • The FCRV was not computed independantly of the frame faceform wrap.
Download (WARNING - 4T product only!!!)