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Procedure Documents


Version 1.10

New features
  • Improved cycle time.
  • Improved edge quality.
  • Improved milling process.
  • Can add/remove materials.
Bugs fixed
  • Bevel/groove automatic placement
  • Safety bevel accuracy
  • Various issue with some calibration steps.

Warning: The safety bevel calibration should be run as the reference point calculation changed. Probe Refinement and Aux Spindle X and Z Offset Refinement calibrations should be run.

Version 1.09

New features
  • Two steps shelving.
Bugs fixed
  • Motion profile and PVT errors.
  • Groove depth transition to thin edges.
  • Bevel transition to thin edges.
  • Various errors happening after stopping a cycle.
  • Default job options, not loading.
  • Updated various process parameters

Warning: Safety bevel calibration must be run after updating with this software!